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Pendant que vous dormiez… (vidéo)

Pendant que vous dormiez… (vidéo)


Publié le 26 novembre, 2016 dans Etats-Unis, Russie, Troisième Guerre Mondiale, Vidéos.

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  1. jipé dit :

    Ajoutée le 25 nov. 2016

    Serious incident between NATO and Russian forces in the Baltic region reported, but a more larger strategic confrontation is under way. Russian invasion of Estonia and Latvia is being reported with significant Russian troops movements towards western Europe.

    This fictional dramatization is intended to present a scenario that is a real possibility in the near future and which represents an existential threat to us all. We hope to make people reflect on how prepared they are for such an eventuality, how much they rely on resources that are more fragile than we care to imagine, and how little say we all have in the decisions of military powers that do not speak for the will of the people of the world. This is merely a work of fiction and is not happening in fact.

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